Weighty Luggage

Stumbling into GRACE:

Too Much baggage?? DECLUTTER

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When our lifetime of baggage becomes heavy clutter, it’s time to take inventory of what to keep, what to give away, and what to discard.

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The Vision of the Two Children

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I am compelled to share what happened to me recently.  I have been very busy lately with work, life, and children.  However, I have not put my relationship with the Lord on the backseat; on the contrary, I have placed Him first and foremost on the throne of my heart.  When we are busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend in prayer and meditation, it makes that special time even more valuable.  When life is moving at a slower pace, I can spend hours in the Word and in prayer and really savor the quiet time with our precious Lord; but when life is moving at light speed, we must be Christians of constant maintenance.  I honestly believe that we all go through seasons in our lives and God can teach us through each of those seasons.  We cannot reminisce on “how it used to be” but…

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Vision of Lake Purity

Stumbling into GRACE:

Holy Spirit of God

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There it sat; nestled peacefully between two beautifully wooded hills, the crystal blue lake sparkled in the late afternoon sun. It looked to be the most exquisite picture of clean water ever imagined.  The surface was perfectly smooth except for an occasional caress by the mid-April breeze.


“How splendid!” exclaimed the young girl standing behind me, peering upon her tiptoes and pulling on my shirt for leverage.

“It appears so” I answered, never taking my eyes from the vision of the blue sky and cumulus clouds that reflected from the surface of the lake.  It is simply too close to being utopian, I thought.  I reveled in the fact that the ripples never promulgated to the center of this lake; a strange perception haunted my spirit, that, instead of the breeze creating the ripples, the disturbances were somehow created from beneath the surface.  However, eye could not detect such a thing.  And…

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Being thankful for doors that closed

Stumbling into GRACE:


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When I look back at some of my career opportunities (and those that weren’t) I’ve learned to be grateful for closed doors.

Encouraging someone recently, I offered this, “You have to believe that you deserve a good life.  A happy, meaningful and beautiful life.  Every time the door closes is a test of faith; sometimes you won’t know till years later what was on the other side.  You just have to believe that He knows the plan for you and trust that it’s good.”   Tears filled my eyes as I said what I did and – truth be told – these words weren’t mine, someone gave me this message to share and I did.

We have all had times when the door closed — moments that, looking back, weren’t for you in the first place.  Dead-end jobs.  Bad people.  Relationships that suck the life out of you.

Like the faithful…

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Playing Chess With God

Stumbling into GRACE:

God and Chess?? Great read .. Take some time this is long but worth it …

Originally posted on disciplegideon:

This is a story of faith, chess, being 12 years old, Hebrews 11, and the greatest teacher in the world.  Warning: this post is over 5000 words…more like a short story really. I think you will find it worth the effort if you give it a go.  Be blessed,,,

On my way home one morning after my Tuesday morning group Bible study, I began to see a beautiful truth in the world. Maybe my thoughts were driven by the chapter we studied that morning, maybe it was by mere whim, and maybe the Lord was trying to say something to me, but nevertheless, a picture opened up to me that I just have to share.
We were systematically studying the book of Exodus, chapter by chapter; and that morning we discussed chapter 19 of Exodus. Each person in this particular Bible class is expected or at least encouraged to study the material and…

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The Word He’ll Speak

Stumbling into GRACE:

The Word we speak

Originally posted on Story of the Day--climbinghigher:

Story of the Day for Wednesday May 13, 2015

The Word He’ll Speak



Job answered the Lord . . . “You asked, ‘Who is this that obscures my counsel without knowledge?’ Surely I have declared things I didn’t understand.”

Job 42:3

Aristotle was the most revered of all the world’s philosophers. He believed that scientific experiment was beneath the dignity of a true philosopher. If something is true, you should be able to figure it out by simply thinking hard about it.

That is why, for almost 2000 years, no one contested Aristotle’s pronouncement that heavier bodies fall faster than lighter ones at a proportional rate. A ten pound cannonball, he maintained, will fall ten times faster than a one pound musket ball.

Galileo wasn’t the first person to disprove Aristotle’s notion. Simon Stevin had already refuted Aristotle by his experiment of dropping various lead balls from the church…

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The Scary Horrible Thing About Depression

Stumbling into GRACE:

May is Mental Illness AWARENESS Month

Originally posted on J.S. Park:

The scary horrible thing about clinical depression is that it can hit you any time, for no reason, from zero to freight train in a second.

At the grocery store I’m thinking about how to grill this salmon, and the next moment my chest caves inward like a curled up canvas of wax paper in a cruel gnarled fist. It’s the familiar feeling of drowning in slowly frothing grief, like disappearing in acid. It’s almost too familiar. I’m trying not to weep. I tell myself, Everything’s fine, everything’s fine, a cognitive trick to pull you out of the falling, but nothing is fine, nothing is fine. There’s nothing I can do. My basket full of trinkets is weightless and too heavy at the same time. I see people rushing to somewhere, but the illusion of significance slips away from me in a long, defeated sigh. I hate this part. My…

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When The World Around You Crumbles . . . .

Stumbling into GRACE:

Nothing we build can keep trouble away

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I saw it in her eyes . . . a glazed fatigue that said she was just barely hanging on.  After stowing her backpack under the seat in front of us, she settled next to me with her 17-month-old daughter and a paper cup filled with a large scoop of ice cream.  Perhaps seeing the concern in my face or . . . just needing to talk, she said softly, “We have been flying for the past thirty-six hours . . . from Kathmandu.”  Having watched many reports of the devastating earthquake all week, the only thing I could think to say was, “Welcome home.”

Popular 200 ft. tower landmark in Nepal, gone in an instant.

As she fed her daughter spoonfuls of ice cream (the only thing the worried mother could get her little one to eat on their long journey) she talked about her experience.  She and her…

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