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Jake is my Grandson … He is 21 years old and was diagnosed with Bi Polar Schizophrenia Effective disorder … He had a major break lasting over a month .. Family and friends tried to get him help but without the words “I want to hurt myself or I want to hurt someone” Federal law prohibits authorities to place the person into custody … Some States take the mentally ill in jail … My daughter had to do the unimaginable .. She had to petition the Courts to pick up our grandson against his will … This process is the most horrific option when all else fails

Jake was in the hospital for three weeks and now is much better .. He is taking his meds … He is attending classes … He is making plans to start a new life while trying to understand a disorder no one really understands .. The family would appreciate any small measure of help for Jake but please keep him in your prayers for continued healing and the strength to carry on … God Bless

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I normally wouldn’t post something like this but with everything that has happened I wanted to reach out to the readers and see if anyone was willing or able to provide some support to all Jake has gone through this last few months. Thank you for your time love and kind words it means the world to us even just sharing this link could help him!

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The Practice of the Presence of God

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Free PDF book

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This is a very good and very short book.  It is about one mans journey to spend a life totally devoted to staying in the presence of God even while dealing with life’s daily duties.

For the pdf version, click on the link below.  Be blessed.


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Simply Grace (The Entire Book)

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Free EBook on Grace … Thank you Patrick Hawthorne

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Ahhhh….I finally figured out how to insert the entire book.  Please feel free to print, re-blog, or share with your friends.  Just click on the line below and it will take you to my book.  Be blessed

Simply Grace by Patrick Hawthorne

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The Book of Life

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Your Name is wtitten

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book of life

Let’s go back in time, you who are older; and let’s maybe see in the present, those who are younger. I want to help you grasp a great truth, whether by invading your memory or by stirring your present desires. I hope all who read this can understand first the emotional elation of being recognized, and secondly the overwhelming joy that could be yours.

Can you remember a time in your life when you anticipated your name being on a list or called out in front of a gathering? Maybe you waited for the teacher to read aloud the names that made the honor roll, maybe you rushed to the bulletin board to find your name on the list of those who were selected to be in the school play, maybe you waited in agony to see if your name would be called to receive an award, or maybe you…

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A Christian Response to Abortion

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It starts with LOVE

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As I have been reading through a plethora of books (research for a book I’m writing) concerning the early Christian church, I stumbled upon something unexpected:  did you know that abortion was an enormous problem in the Roman Empire when the Christian church first started to form?  I wasn’t really surprised as to how the Christians responded…but rather the fact that they had to respond to this phenomenon.  We sometimes think that present issues are unique and unprecedented…this is false.  Honestly, every social issue dealt with back in 100 A.D. is almost exactly what we deal with today.  I was inspired to remind us of the importance of a measured and correct response as Christians.

When I was younger and enrolled in college, I tailor-made my own curriculum.  At the time, what stood out to me and grabbed my attention were two things:   the explosion of science in all areas but especially in the…

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Kindness shines in the dark

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In the darkest times, kindness shines brightest.

Do you agree?

When we’re feeling at our lowest and most despondent, a simple touch; an understanding, empathetic smile; or a few words of love and appreciation stand out like beacons.

But we often neglect kindness in favour of well-meaning solutions.

We opt for a lecture over a quiet, listening ear.

We avoid the pain of others instead of entering in.

For fear of saying the wrong thing, we say nothing at all – or rush in awkwardly with trite clichés.

Some of the kindest, most pastoral people I’ve met have perfected the art of a smile across the room, a gentle squeeze of the shoulder, or simply, groceries carried to the car.

Kindness goes a long, long way towards building trust and connection.

Kindness stops and takes a moment – or two – to hear their story before jumping in with our own.

Kindness is…

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Solid Foundation

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© 2010 Jeanne E Webster. All Rights Reserved.

“…like the thinnest of rafts, floating upon an ocean of infinite mystery, they hate to be asked to look over the edge. They are very busy decking out their raft with everything which can make it feel like a permanent home. They never realize that they are on a raft and not a rock, until one day an illness or an accident or a war flicks them off into the ocean, where they have never learned to swim.” ~A. H. McNeile

McNeile’s statement is an analogy of Matthew 7:24-27, a parable spoken by Jesus regarding a surefire foundation. Whoever hears and does what Jesus commands has built his/her life on solid bedrock, Christ our Lord. Rains and floods may torment them, winds will surely beat upon them, but they will not perish. Those who hear His words but do not obey…

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Mud pies in the slum: My story

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Evidence o saving Grace

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When I was younger and kind of “finding myself” in terms of relationships and career, my biggest idol was peer acceptance.

I thought that if I ticked all the right boxes in terms of saying all the ‘right’ things, making people laugh, and generally being seen as clever and successful, I would receive the acceptance I craved.

I would never have considered myself “dead in my sin” but I think part of me was dead to the “colour” and life-giving power that could be found in a deep and rich and engaging relationship with God…

I like the CS Lewis quote from his book the Weight of Glory:

“We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the…

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Into His Presence

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Holy Spirit tapping

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By Patrick Hawthorne

holy spirit

“Stop using His presence as an accessory and start using it as a necessity.”

Paul Bussey (Minister)

“Stop using His presence as an accessory and start using it as a necessity.”  As the words rolled off of the young minister’s tongue, it struck a chord within my heart.  Stop using His presence, the presence of the Father through His Holy Spirit, as an accessory… Immediately my mind began to spin.  The Holy Spirit had grabbed my attention and He wanted me to remember those words.

The entire next day, those words would not leave me alone.  “Stop using His presence as an accessory and start using it as a necessity.”  Was I guilty of placing a meager value on the Lord’s presence?  Had I become so accustomed to His presence that I found it a commonality instead of a cherished possession?

Even though I knew the basic…

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